Built by a local business owner

for local business owners

As a local business owner (a bakery/cafe), I experience the same daily challenges you do. And as a former Google executive, I know how transformative technology can be.

I created Sprk™ to help your local business succeed by offering data-driven ideas and unique perspectives.

Behind the scenes, this product uses artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to find these key insights. But the product is designed for you – meaning it’s simple to understand, actionable, and offers rich detail when you’re interesting in digging deeper.

And most importantly, it’s affordable.

It’s so rewarding to hear how this product changes the way our customers run their businesses. Or how the ideas bring a new energy. Or even that the reduced stress helps them fall in love with their business again.

But we’re just getting started. While the product has dozens of useful “skills” to help your business, we are constantly adding more. If there’s anything we can do to help your business, please let us know. With technology like this, anything is possible!

Steven Roth

Founder, Sprk™ by DeepSeed AI

Steven Roth, Founder