Insightful, Actionable Business Intelligence for Clover POS

Clover reports provide a lot of raw data, but few insights. They offer limited value due to the lack of visualizations and overall complexity.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative…

Sprk™ seamlessly integrates with Clover point-of-sale systems to provide the best business intelligence tool for local businesses.

You can stop wasting time exporting Clover data into your elaborate spreadsheets. Or fumbling through Clover Go menus just to see how your business is doing today.

Designed for easy-of-use, Sprk™ highlights key insights using fast, intuitive visuals. For power users, advanced drill-downs are just a tap away.

Start with a free, no-risk 14-day trial.  Spending just two minutes a day will change how you run your business forever.

Visit the Clover App Market to start a free trial:

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Key Benefits of Sprk™ vs. Clover Reports

Useful insights, not just raw data

Innovative visualizations

Designed for decision-making, not accounting

Real-time dashboard with automated updates

Advanced trend analysis, including by category and product

Easy-to-use profitability analysis

Extended metrics (customer loyalty, tipping rate, etc.)

Multi-location, multi-user support

Easy migration of historical data from Square to Clover – or from one Clover MID to another

As easy to use on phones as any other device

Secure login without endless passcodes and CAPTCHAs

No ads to slow you down

Knowledgeable, responsive support

Free Ask The Expert” guidance on any business issue