Manage My Business is now Sprk

This app was created to provide a spark to local businesses. The name now reflects that.

Migration from Manage My Business to Sprk

Unleash the potential of your

Coffee Shop
Retail Shop
Local Business

Sprk boosts sales, profits and peace of mind with AI-powered insights into your business.

Get easy-to-understand, actionable ideas in just two minutes a day. Start your no-risk 14-day trial today and discover new opportunities to thrive!

Small business owners

How It Works

5 minutes of setup. A lifetime of insights.

Setup is quick and easy. Just connect to your POS system, delivery services (if any) and Google Business Profile.

Sprk™ immediately goes to work looking for opportunities to improve your business.

Insights that are simple, but not simplistic.

Designed to be easily understood, but with rich details just a tap away.

Every insight includes a bite-sized summary, a detailed explanation, and recommended next steps. All based on industry best practices.

Continuously getting better. Every day.

Power by advanced AI, the insights get better over time. And so does your business.

The ultimate goal is to move from “what” is happening to “why”. That’s when the real magic happens.

Current Integrations

Uber Eats

Examples of Insights

Pricing Analysis

Make more effective price increases by learning from past changes.

See Example
Insight card for Price Change Analysis

Recommendations are provided based on a statistical analysis of each price change.

Accurate Hours

Boost foot traffic with always accurate store hours on Google.

See Example
Insight card for Price Change Analysis

Alerts are provided for potential issues. Resolve in seconds without leaving the app.

Product Trends

Identify fast-rising (and falling) products to respond quickly to trends.

See Example
Insight card for Price Change Analysis

Week-over-week changes to the Top 10 products are highlighted.

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Improve planning with a 7-day sales and weather forecast.

See Example
Insight card for Price Change Analysis

Updated daily.

These are just a few of the available insights. New insights are added regularly.


Easy to learn, actionable, and affordable. Works on all of your devices.

It will change how you run your business. Just try it for two weeks – for free – to see for yourself.

Sprk™ App shown on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

Big businesses are data-driven machines with no heart. Small businesses are all heart with little use of data.

Small businesses thrive when they combine heart with a data-driven approach to running their business.

That’s why the Sprk™ app was created – to put data-driven insights into the hands of small business owners.

Steven Roth

Founder, Sprk™